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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are new to WCU or need a refresher, we're here to help you make memories on campus. We've complied a list of questions we get asked and we have answers! 

General Questions 

The Department of Campus Activities offers a variety of events/programs for students to enjoy. Programs in our department are Traditions (Week of Welcome, Homecoming, Student Appreciation Week), Leadership (Cat Camp, Freshman Leadership Institute), Student Involvement (Last Minute Productions, Clubs and Organizations), and Student Government Association. Each program offers different events or ways to get involved. See the programming questions for more information!  

Engage is the main hub for event listings and list of organizations on campus. To see full offering, log into the site with your Catamount creditials. All students, faculty, and staff have Engage accounts as long as they have a Catamount account. 

The Department of Campus Activities staff is located at the A.K. Hinds University Center, 245 Memorial Drive.. Our Student Involvement unit is located on the 1st floor along with Student Government Association and Last Minute Productions. Our Administrative and Operations staff are located on the 2nd floor. The Leadership Programs staff is located on the 1st floor.


Please see the university's interactive map for more specific location information.

Programming Questions 

Traditional events are our departments' annual events such as Valley Ballyhoo, Week of Welcome, Homecoming, Drag Show, and Student Appreciation Week. The events may also include partnership with other departments or be an unversity-wide event.

Our department has several organizations in our units that host programming. Last Minute Productions or LMP is our student employee (non-work study paid positions) programming board. LMP will host events to appeal to the general student body such as mini concerts, trivia nights, comedians, magicians, hypnotists, pumpkin patch, bus trips, and movie nights. Student Government Association will host events that support our student's civil duty responsibility to the community such as food drives. Leadership Programming features Cat Camp and Freshmen Leadership Initiative for incoming first years along with other leadership programming such as the Whee Lead Conference. Our Recognized Student Organizations will often host tabling or fundraising events for their organizations or clubs. The best resource for discovering events is Engage.

Within our department, you'll find an assortment of organizations dedicated to hosting captivating programming. Let's explore each of them:

First, we have Last Minute Productions (LMP), our student programming board. LMP curates a diverse range of events designed to engage the student body. From lively mini-concerts and trivia nights to comedians, festive pumpkin patches, exciting bus trips, and enjoyable movie nights, LMP ensures there's entertainment for everyone.

Next, the Student Government Association takes the lead in organizating events that promote student engagement and collaboration. This includes initiatives like food drives, debates, and cats & gowns, enabling students to actively participate in worthwhile causes.

Our Leadership Programming initiatives are designed to empower our students. The highlights include Cat Camp and the Freshmen Leadership Initiative, both of which provide invaluable opportunities for personal growth and development. Additionally, we offer various leadership programs, such as the Whee Lead Conference.

Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) are also an integral part of our department. These organizations frequently host tabling and fundraising events, providing a platform for their members to showcase their passions and raise funds for their respective clubs or organizations and providing opportunities for students to get involved.

For a comprehensive and up-to-date resource on all the exciting events happening within our department, we highly recommend utilizing Engage. It serves as your go-to guide for discovering the latest happenings and getting involved in our campus community.

Clubs & Organizations Questions

All RSOs are required to be registered on Engage. To see an A-Z list, look in the "Organizations" tab. You may also search for keywords based on your interests.

On each organization's main page on Engage, there should be a list of officers to contact. Many RSOs have their own social media accounts that may also be listed on the organization's Engage page.

Requirements to start a RSO are a roster of 10 students, Faculty or Staff Advisor, and a Constitution prior to submitting for approval on Engage. Contact SGA's C.O.R.E Director for questions.

Building Questions

The UC is home to numerous departments. You can find Campus Activities, Intercultral Affairs, Greek Student Engagement and Development and the Mail Room. Our building houses Einstein's Bagels on the first floor. The UC is a hub for students. With plenty of seating to study, hang out, or meet up, students have a place to go during the day and night. Many student groups and lounges are in the UC like the Veteran's Lounge and the Commuter Lounge along with offices for the Western Carolinian, Student Government Association, Last Minute Productions, and RSO offices (on the third floor). It is not uncommon for events to be taking place everyday whether it is a blood drive in the Grand Room or a swag giveaway in the Multipurpose Room, the UC is full of life daily.

Yes, spaces in the UC are available for reservations. Learn more about Reservations

The hours of the UC depend on the time of the year. Current hours will be listed at the building or on the main DCA website.

The Department of Campus Activities’ staff strives to accommodate the special needs of all users. At the time of renovation and construction the A.K. Hinds University Center met or exceeded ADA requirements. 
Accessible parking is available at each of the entrances to the building. 
Power-assisted doors are available at the three main entrances to the building on each floor. 
Accessible restrooms are located on each floor. 
An elevator provides access to each level of the facility. 
An accessible lift is available to provide access to the projection booth in the theater. 
Listening assistance is available in the theater.
Wheelchair accessible spaces are available in the front row of the theater. 
A ramp provides access to the stage in the theater.  
The Department of Campus Activities’ staff continually evaluates the needs of our patrons and seeks to provide reasonable accommodations to all its users.  If you need assistance while visiting the A.K. Hinds University Center, please contact 828.227.7206.

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