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Certificate Programs


Current Programs

To help usher in a new era of growth and success in the outdoor recreation industry, WCU is launching an innovative Professional Outdoor Industry Certificate program with two tracks that offer core workshops in either Small Business and Entrepreneurship or Leadership and Management. The program will provide skills and knowledge to students and learners from a variety of backgrounds who are interested in the outdoor industry, economic development, and the public lands and natural resources policy sectors.

Every organization will undergo change for a variety of reasons. There are proven techniques to ensure your change efforts will be met with acceptance and sustainability. Change is difficult—especially in the workplace. If organizations are to prosper, however, change and innovation are essential. How change is communicated significantly impacts whether employees and other stakeholders embrace the change.

Broaden your skill set, understanding, and application of nonprofit management and best practices. Enroll in any of the upcoming courses, complete all eight to receive the CPN Certification. Offered both onsite and online, all eight courses will be available on an annual basis.

Event Planning Certificate Program
This certificate program includes six workshops, which will be offered on a monthly basis. Each workshop will be held from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the WCU location at Biltmore Park, Asheville, NC. Participants do not enroll in the certificate program, but rather complete the workshops at their own pace. Workshops are offered each semester (spring and fall).

Create an online marketing communications strategy and powerhouse digital toolbox by completing six, full-day workshops taught by expert marketing professionals from JB Media and WCU faculty and staff.

Five-day trainings offered for beginning and advanced grant writers! In the introductory program, participants will learn grant writing essentials beginning with searching for grants all the way through follow-up after receiving a grant. Participants will practice drafting materials for a hypothetical or actual grant and receive feedback from the instructor and other participants in order to build skills with key steps in grant writing. In the advanced grant writing program, participants will develop materials for use in a grant application by their organization.  

This five-day leadership certificate program will help you develop personal insights, a better understanding of different working styles, effective communications skills, an understanding of employee relations and business law, and how to maintain a high level of professionalism in a variety of situations including crisis.

Speaking to Lead, Inspire and Influence
Managers and leaders realize the importance of continuous improvement and understand effective communication is integral to success. Whether speaking to employees, clients, B2B partners, community groups, or the media, an effective manager or leader learns to adapt the message and their approach to the audience. Mastering public speaking is challenging. It requires understanding how to present ideas in an organized and engaging way, delivering with confidence, and, ultimately, making a personal connection with audience members.

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