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Spanish Education

A career teaching Spanish is also a chance to further your possibilities for other job opportunities. Spanish is the second most popular language in the United States with more than 37 million people speaking it in their homes. The need for Spanish teachers exists in the classroom, communities and beyond. Having the ability to read, write and converse in Spanish gives you a competitive edge in the job market outside of the education industry. A career using the Spanish language is also a great way to travel to, and even live in, foreign countries. Western Carolina University’s Bachelor of Science in Education in Spanish prepares students to teach Spanish in grades K-12.

What You'll Learn

The B.S.Ed. in Spanish program includes learning the Spanish language (both Peninsular and Latin American variants), and classes covering the culture and history of both Spain and Latin America. The coursework includes classes such as Foundations of Education; Teaching Exceptional Children; Child and Adolescent Development; Spanish-American History; and Advanced Grammar. Students will also have opportunities to study abroad in a number of countries. Spanish faculty and students are also active in the local Hispanic community and you will have opportunities for hands-on, cultural experiences and language practice.

Where You'll Go

A degree in Spanish education can lead you to teaching in the classroom, working with the community, continuing to graduate level studies or a job outside of the education field as an interpreter or translator. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states the average salary for secondary teachers is $55,050 a year and $67,910 for postsecondary foreign language teachers. The BLS lists the average salary for translators and interpreters is $45,430 and expects the job field to grow 46% by the year 2022.

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