Fall 2018 Withdrawal Percentages

A student is eligible for the following tuition and fee reduction percentages if he/she withdraws from the university.

Please note: 

  • Residential living credits are prorated based on the number of days spent in residential living.
  • Remaining meal plan $$ is credited up until the last 2 weeks of the semester.
  • Reduction in hours after drop/add does not reduce tuition and fee charges.
  • A tuition and fee reduction does not guarantee that the student will receive a refund. If financial aid is reduced, the student's account may have a balance due.
  • Students may drop all classes during drop/add during the first week of classes.


% of Enrollment Period # of Days Date % Applies Amount of %
1st week of class 5 08/20/18 thru 08/24/18 100%
10% 6 to 11 days following the 1st day of class 08/25/18 thru 08/30/18 90%
25% 12 to 28 days following the 1st day of class 08/31/18 thru 09/16/18 50%
50% 29 to 57 days following the 1st day of class 09/17/18 thru 10/15/18 25%
Rest of Semester 58 days following the 1st day of class to end 10/16/18 thur 12/14/18 0%


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