Human Resources and Payroll

302 HFR Administration Building 

Western Carolina University 
1 University Drive
Cullowhee, NC 28723 
Fax 828-227-7007


Name/Email Title/Function Ext

Anne Banks:

Leave Specialist-
coordinates maintenance of leave accruals for all leave-earning employees, processes and maintains TS org changes and approver information in HR Banner; special leave


Matthew G. Brown:

Director of Benefits, Classification and Compensation-
retirement counseling and processing, benefits, classification and compensation management, disability consultation and ADA accommodation requests



Diana Catley:

Associate Director, Human Resources and Payroll –
directs day to day operation and administration of Human Resources business operations, processes and systems, voluntary services


Cory Causby:

Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resources and Payroll


Jen Cross:

Human Resources Specialist – Payroll
bi-weekly and student payroll, employment verifications


Chris Dahlquist:

Talent Development Manager-
Oversees compliance training, COMPASS Supervisors Training, WCU Works, and other professional development consultation and offerings.  Performance Evaluation Process for SHRA, EHRA and Executive Level 360 process.  Policy contact for the Performance Module in Talent Management.  New Employee Engagement through orientation activities.


Alicia Estes:

HR Consultant- Data Team
unemployment insurance, Talent Management systems


Nancy Ford:

Director of Employee Relations, Talent Acquisition, & Development
Oversight of talent acquisition for Faculty, EHRA non-faculty, SHRA, Adjunct and Temporary positions. Talent Management On-Line employment system use and technical support. Support for the university's EEO/Affirmative Action program development and compliance effort.  Disciplinary Process, Coaching/Consulting, Employee Assistance Program, Exit Interview Process, and Grievance/Mediation Services.


Jessie Fronrath:

HR specialist - Employment
new employee onboarding and compliance


Lisa Hakanson:

HR Consultant- Position Management
classification and compensation of new positions, restudy requests and salary actions for existing positions, position management


Heidi Hyatt:

new employee benefits enrollment and benefits questions regarding health insurance, NC FLEX, tuition waiver/reimbursement


Vicki Knaack:

Director of EHRA Human Resources Administration–
assists with faculty and EHRA non-faculty personnel policies/procedures and actions, ACA eligibility, EHRA supplemental pay, faculty postings and hiring proposals


Ricky Lanning:

HR Consultant - Employment
Employment background screening, temp/hrly appointments, EHRA non-faculty and staff recruitment.  Back up for faculty postings and hiring proposals


Michelle Lawson:

Employment Coordinator
Employment support, Current Employee Changes, Records Management


Nancy Phillips:

Director of Payroll Services
payroll oversight


Trisha Ray:

Employee Relations Consultant
Exit Interviews & Process, FMLA leave requests, Credentials Verification, Search Committee Education, Disciplinary Process, Coaching/Consultation and Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


Donna Watson:

Employee Data Processing Specialist –
personnel data file and banner technical resource, student/adjunct/temp jobs records


Cindy Williams:

Personnel Actions and Payroll Processing Specialist –
HR/PR processing, prior state service, longevity, salary study requests


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